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Made In USA Long-Lasting Color

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Quality Tinted Solar Film USA

1. Long -lasting color does not fade easily.

2. The glue is not easily damaged.

3. Nice heat filter.

4. Eco Friendly.

5. No easy buble.

6. The color is always the same, if there is a mirror change, customers should not be afraid of not being able to retrieve the same tinted film color.

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Why You Choose Us

Sun Ice Tinted Workshop offers tinted film installation services around Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Negeri Sembilan. Sometimes we are even further away like Pahang, Penang, Perak and Melaka. 


            Sun Ice products have a warranty of up to 5 years because the tinted film factory only gives a 5-year warranty. Sun Ice adopts USA tinted film installation, this is because USA tinted film is quality, the color of tinted film lasts up to 5 years.

               The price of tinted film depends on the area of ​​the mirrored window, there is a discard of old tinted film, the height of the installation. Usually we come to take measurements first after the customer chooses the tinted film range first, then, we just give a quote. we come come take measurements and regular quotes are free.


Our company has its own installer of controllable and fast work quality.


Installers are given adequate training to install, supervised by a senior installer.


Our installers can be divided into 3 teams and can install 3 houses or 3 places at once.


Our company has its own scaffolding homeowners do not have to be dizzy looking for scaffolding rental and vehicle rental.


Our prices are the most affordable, the price is determined according to the size of the mirror.


Our installer staff and senior installers all have many years of experience installing large projects.


Our installers are many, urgent customers can install at any time. Morning call at noon can be installed if there is still a reservation.


Tinted Film has a 5 year warranty, if before 5 years the tinted film fades in color, our bubble will make a new replacement.

OWN Machine

We have our own plotter machine of various frosted patterns can be cut customers do not have to wait long.

Completed Designs

Our Expert


Sun Ice Tinted Workshop offers Tinted Film Residential, Tinted Window Film Building and Tinted Solar Film Office processing services for buildings, homes and offices around Klang Valley, Selangor, Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur. In addition to tinted film for home and office buildings, we also install frosted film, frosted pattern, frosted decoration.

We have our own machine to make design activities and cut designs every day, customers do not have to wait long.

Safety film is also now a trend where customers do not choose to install a grill instead they choose to install safety film. Safety film is also widely used to install balcony glass, mirrors in toilets and elevators.. READ MORE

Types of Tinted Window Film We Have
Commercial Tinted Film

Tinted Commercial is divided into tinted buildings shopping and shops. Commercial tinted films usually install tinted Visible LightTransmitane (VLT) type higher so that outsiders can see in the store, which is between 35% -68% (VLT), The most common Tinted Films are Tinted Film high performance, Frosted Inject, Glare Film, and Frosted Film.

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Residential Solar Window Film

Reisential is divided into tinted terrace houses, apartments and condos. Ordinary residential tinted film installs low Visible transmittance (VLT) tinted film so that outsiders are not visible inside the house. Commonly installed solar tinted films are Reflective Film, Glare Film and Safety Film.

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Office Tinting Window Solar Film

Tinted Film office is divided into an office in the building, an office in the factory, office in the building. Tinted Solar Film office install Tinted Film Visible Light Transmitance (VLT) low. Very large ordinary office mirrors always face the problem of glare and heat. Tinted Reflective Film, Glare Film and Frosted are the main choices.

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Thing Customer Needs To Know
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Heat rejection is known as Solar Energy Rejection (HR). Or “Total Solar Energy Rejected” it is calculated in percentage, where the higher the percentage the more heat is filtered, the less heat your home and office feels. Usually the percentage in the tinted from serend 40% up to the highest 95%.

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tinted film thickness

Tinted Film building is divided into 2ply and 3ply. 2 ply is thinner than 3ply, but these 2 tinted types have the same function, which is to filter heat and light. HR percentage is between 35% to 90%

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how to install

The method of tinted installation the customer also needs to take into account, whether it needs to wear scaffolding, install inside or outside. If the place is difficult to enter normally we will advise outside customers or half.

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A good tinted film usually has a UV (Ultraviolet Rejected) cut of up to 99%. This UV emitted by the sun is very harmful to the skin and eyes. If your house is already installed tinted film this can be avoided.

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Tinted Film from the factory already has a 5 year warranty. Sometimes you can hear the warranty from 7 years -10 years, it depends on the company, usually our company only has a 5 year warranty because we have to follow the factory specifications.

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The price depends on the area of ​​the mirror and the type of tinted film chosen. Area is calculated in sqft or square feet, the higher the sqft then the higher the price will be. In addition, the price changes, the mirrors are old tinted, the place is high and there is already a grill installed, it will make it difficult to install the tinted film. all that, it will cause the price to change.

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Visible Light Transmitance (VLT) is a level of measurement that filters the level of sight of people from outside the home into the home state. It counts in percentage, the lower the percentage the darker. The percentage level is calculated from 05% to 68%.

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colour tinted film

Choosing the color of tinted film is up to the customer. Some customers like color and silver, some customers like tinted black film only, it is very subjective. Sometimes we will recommend to our customers for color choices.

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