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About Us

Sun Ice Tinted Workshop was established on 28 th April 2004 and is located in Puchong. The main business activity is installing tinted in homes, offices, commercial and factories around the Klang Valley, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, and Entire Malaysia.

Tinted used by Sun Ice

Tinted imported from the USA, where quality is good and long-lasting color. Our Products Tinted Windows buildings that have high demand from customers, including reflective film, reflective Silver, reflective Silver Black, reflective Silver Blue, and Black, in which he makes a difficult situation in the building visible from the outside. Tinted building rising demand over the past few years. From our research, there are many install tinted buildings, residential, commercial and office. Among them is saving electricity, feeling colder in the house after installing tinted, conditions in the home difficult to see clearly on the outside and wood furniture can be deducted from the sun.

Tinted Windows buildings installed by the installer specializing in this field.

Sun Ice has a growing number of customers because it offers a reasonable price and service guarantees customer after installation. This shows the Sun Ice prioritize requests and customer satisfaction. This is also a step to provide assurance to customers of Sun Ice tinted film. Sun Ice vision is to encourage people to install tinted home, so they will reduce the use of air conditioners. In the long run, this will protect our earth.

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