When will conduct home wall decor, choice of people still fall into two main types of coatings, paint the walls or wallpaper. Have you ever confused the choice between wall paint or wallpaper the time of the frieze home? Where did you find out first advantages and disadvantages of wall paint and wallpaper before deciding.

Here are the advantages and lack of wall paint and install wallpaper:



Usually the price of wall paint is cheaper when compared with wallpaper, but is now available wallpaper walls which are cheaper. Similarly, wall paint, the paint textured walls which are quite expensive. Use wallpaper as wall decor more expensive because a lot of support when installation material, such as glue and also hired craftsmen to paste.

Install Wallpaper

Install wallpaper in terms of motif and texture when compared with the wall paint. Currently wallpaper have also been many special effects such as 3D effects or glow in the dark effects that can emit light when dark. While the superior wall paint color diversity that sometimes can not be found in the wallpaper. Paint wall paint mixing is sometimes when there is a slight difference in color, in addition to the color seen on the walls often look different from your chosen stores. Advantages of wallpaper is chosen will be the same color as the one booked example.

The Installation Process

Wall painting process longer when compared with the installation of wallpaper having to wait for dry wall. Cat is also difficult to apply evenly to the wall, otherwise it if uneven wall surface or wall surface must be sanded and repaired cracks before painting.Wallpaper itself only takes a minute to install. Before installing just need to clean the walls of dirt. Although it looks easy, papering also should pay attention to the connections between the wallpaper so that it blends in harmony, because it required precision and expertise in installing wallpaper. We recommend that you leave it to the experts of the installation process. Usually wallpaper stores also provide Installation.

Dutability of the material

In terms of durability of the material,wallpaper is much more durable than paint the walls. Wallpaper with good quality can last up to 10 years, while the wallpaper with the usual quality can last up to 3 years. While the paint can only survive 2 to 3 years and then get repainted back.If you are still confused to choose the option, use a combination of wall paint and wallpaper to decorate the walls. For example you could provide wallpaper in some places just like the living room or bedroom, the rest use wall paint. This would be more cost-effective manner if using wallpaper to decorate the walls of all rooms.



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