Safety film good for who didn’t install grill at home, more safety and cheaper than install grill. Got many colors to choose and the thickness including 4 mils, 5 mils, 6 mils, 7 mils, and 8 mils.

Sun Ice safety film can be bonded securely to glass with a special strengthening adhesive designed to absorb impact and resist shattering. If the glass is broken, this resilient combination of adhesive and safety film will hold the broken pieces together, decreasing the risk of injury.
the benefit safety & security film

Storm Protection

Office security window film provides an enhanced degree of safety by holding broken glass together in the event of an explosion, storms, earthquakes, accidents, or vandalism. Protect yourself and your co-worker office security window film. Glass can be a vulnerable part of any structure during storm season. In the case of a storm, security film can add a level of safety and security to your glass doors and windows. When glass breaks during inclement weather, wind, rain, and flying debris can enter your building, causing property damage and potential injury. Safety film holds broken pieces of glass together, making glass more durable and shatter-resistant, and can prevent the entry of flying debris even after breakage


th benefit safety & security film

Explosion Protection

Though rare, industrial explosions and bombings can fire broken glass fragments at lethal speeds. Research conducted after explosions points to flying and broken glass as one of the main causes of death or injury. While nothing can completely protect against powerful explosions, office security window film has proven effective in these moments of extreme danger.

the benefit safety & security film

Intrusion Protection Window Film

Office security window film helps prevent forced entry. Windows and doors are the most vulnerable parts of your business. They are points of entry for criminals and smash-and-grab thieves. However, when windows with security window film are broken, glass remains intact, deterring “smash and grab” theft from getting in. Alarms and security systems are helpful, but provide little protection from experienced or determined intruders. With office security window film, intruders cannot readily penetrate the glass, even by striking it with a heavy implement. They usually become discouraged and quickly move on to some easier target. Safeguard your office or commercial building with office security window film from. Security window film ensures that your property, employees, and valuables stay behind locked doors.

the safety & security film

Accidental Injury Protection

Like an invisible shield, office security window film offers protection from broken glass when accidents occur at work. When ordinary annealed glass breaks, it poses a considerable danger. The shattered pieces become daggers that can cause serious injury or even death. Engineered with powerful adhesives, office security window film reduces the hazard of broken glass by keeping the pieces together and safely attached to the window film. Once broken, office security film makes removal of glass quick, easy, and more secure. Window film significantly reduces the danger associated with accidents, falls, and mishaps that result in broken glass.

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