frosted film

Decorative window film patterned, the frosted film gives you privacy, prevents unsightly view and adds effects to your glass decor, windows, doors, and mirrors. Typically, the pattern embossed into the film and the film repeatedly in a signage window sticker is an easy way to brighten up your windows and doors. They are easy to apply, and according to current needs, easy to remove. Window frosted can be used for a decorative purposes security tool to highlight the area to prevent the risk of collision.                                    


By using our computerized cutting technology, office window tinting can create custom designs to complement any décor. We can even cut your corporate logo into the film to create the look of high-end sandblasted glass art.


Decorative office window tinting adds a new dimension to any space. Applied to exist glass, decorative office window tint creates beautiful glass designs without any permanent alteration or removal of the glass. Our office window tint is a low –maintenance, fingerprint-resistant film that provides both decorative visuals and functional light dispersal. Decorative office window tint retrofits existing glass and are the perfect way to give a tasteful, unique look to your office environment, and enhance privacy for your employees in a creative way.


A specific type of office window tinting, Frosted Window Films are best if you are looking for privacy, either for bathrooms, or office cubicles that are exposed to neighbors. Frosted office window tint is translucent, which means the light will still enter in the daytime, but from the outside, no one will see in.

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