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Why Factory Need Install Tinted Window Film



The factory has large and high window panes often the amount of light that will enter the factory is also high. In addition, cars parked outside the factory are also plentiful when the mirrors reflect back glare feel less comfortable. Often there is a reception section where guests will feel glare and the factory, workers who work in the factory will feel unconfortable.

Fear of broken window glass

The factory has many mirrors and large height it is very fragile. If the factory has a pair of tinted film, at least the mirror will not shatter easily when the mirror breaks because there is a gap from the tinted window solar film.


Looks Corporate

If the factory does not install tinted window film image appearance will look less corparate. After installing the tinted window film factory will look like a giant company and customers feel more confident in the factory. Such as frosted film will provide various patterns and can also be the company logo, operating hours and important information about the factory.