Commercial window film Solar film is good lasting color and high rejected heat. The solar film can color lasting for 10 years. The Commercial window film can choose the solar film either reflective film, black color film and glare tinting film


Sun Ice Tinted Workshop Solar Window Film installation helps conserve energy and decreases your company’s carbon levels in compliance with environmental standards. Our solar film solutions help your business consume less energy by maintaining stable and comfortable interior temperatures reducing heating costs in the winter, extreme air conditioning usage during hot summer months, cutting usage by 30-40% while greatly reducing harmful ultraviolet rays, glare and increasing privacy.

Product Sun Ice window films designed to fit our legendary three points, which virtually eliminates the frustrating loose after long-term installation window films. And because they are made of lightweight materials, you are free to enjoy the clear view of your unencumbered by discomfort

Harvey can ruin the viewing experience. Sun Ice Commercial window tinting  have a cylindrical base curvature that virtually eliminates reflections, unlike “praise”window films that fail to address the problem.

Combining excellent heat rejection with super clarity, “HD” can temporarily reduce the fading of your home or office furniture, carpets, curtains, artwork and other by blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

Reduce the heat and glare, improve comfort by pushing up to 90% of heat rejection coming through your windows without damaging the beauty of your windows or your views

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