office tinted filmTinted film for  window will help you to achieve dramatic energy savings at low capital cost with little or no disruption to building occupiers and office tinted film increase reduces the need for air conditioning. Office tinted film USA in addition, avoid your office furniture from fading curtain, reduce glare, reduce heat, reduce energy consumption and utility costs, Increase the comfort of living and working conditions.

Solution Sun Ice to Customer

We understand that business owners want and budget concerns. Therefore, we offer quality tinted films that is USA tinted film is good at competitive prices and good quality. Below you will find a variety of solar control window film that can be used to reduce heat, glare filters and solar control window films can be used to enhance privacy.


Clear View Solar Film Protection

Solar film can reduce that annoying glare without the need for drapes or blinds to be drawn. Because solar film provides cool view protection while providing an increased measure of privacy, you can enjoy the view without feeling like you’re on display to the outside world.


Reduced Fading

Sun Ice Tinted Workshop commercial solar film blocks 99% of UV rays from penetrating the building or workplace, dramatically reducing the impact of UV rays on your face and skin, and significantly increasing the life of furnishings and decorations.

In addition, buildings with commercial solar film are safer because they protect occupants from the ultraviolet health threat. Sun Ice Tint® solar films carry the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval. Retailers rave about solar film because it protects valuable floor merchandise from fading while creating a more comfortable shopping environment.


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