safety & security film

Safety film Avoid serious injury and ensure the compliance with AS / NZS2208 standard with safety film to existing float glass in your building.

This film will hold the majority of glass together when broken. Safety film is an affordable alternative to replace the window pane older because it holds the glass together when broken. This prevents large shards of glass falling when the pane is shattered. This is important in public places such as facilities where children go by accidents that may occur. Bring the glass in your home or business to the Australian Security standard glass using this film. This film is popular for use in the field of shop windows and glass façades. It acts in the same way as security film, however, it is thicker and stronger to withstand attacks. Security film is a deterrent to intruders and requires repeated blows hard to break the glass. effective barrier against intrusion, keep your possessions and your family safe from unwanted guests. Safety & security window film holds the glass together in case of an accident with injuries from flying glass cover.

Anti-gravity film

Apply the anti-graffiti film to protect the glass in high-risk areas of vandalism. Used on the glass in the centers of shopping, Foyers buildings, public transport and schools. The cost of removing and replacing the anti-graffiti film is cheaper than replacing the glass itself Safety & Security Films Providing an

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