Inject Stickers make the most of your space and walls of glass using high-resolution images and designs. It can be applied directly to the glass and wall surfaces and most used to promote your company. These products come in the short term and more long-term durable film. Choose to print on inkjet stickers, optically clear, block out the full vinyls and one way vision perforated film as seen in the window of the bus. Computer cut letters can be used to design and text in solid vinyl color

Safety strips required for any piece of glass that can be mistaken for doors or openings. This band must be clearly visible film to avoid collision. Select either of standard design or enter your own company logo or design.

Lumisty Film

Lumisty view control film gives you the ability to actually dictate what can be seen and what can’t. The glass can be transparent from one angle and translucent from another angle allowing you to control how people see through the glass.

Lumisty is available in three versions, each with different transparent to translucent formats. As a central design element for some of the world’s most contemporary corporate offices, restaurants, night clubs, hotels and even homes, Lumisty empowers architects and designers to leverage the glass and light to affect the ambiance and mood of their designs.

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