reflective film

Sun Ice is an enhanced window reflective film ever created and provides you with exceptional optical clarity when the application. This innovation combines all the benefits of traditional window films with the progress of the latest and most interesting in the industry. Sun Ice allows natural light into your home while blocking uncomfortable heat, damaging UV rays and glare interferes, leaving you with nothing but clear enough picture, right column.

Sun Ice reflective film VLT: 80% UVR: 99% IRR: 90% Thickness: 3 mil Solve window films with a view HD with high heat rejection. Perfect movie for natural exposure. Increase glare reduction. Coated with a scratch-resistant coating that makes it more durable and cleanable. Improve comfort: Rejects up to 90% of infrared (IR) heat of the sun. Internal protection: blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays to reduce fading of your furnishings such as furniture, curtains, carpets and other.

Some fine window films can change your perception of color, reduce the fidelity of the actual view. Sun Ice offers an uncompromising level of color fidelity so you will see what the real world shows.

Regular window films are fragile and easily scratched film. Sun Ice is made of scratch-resistant material, and with Sun Ice you have the endurance that comes from decades of innovation.

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