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Consultant Tinted

Sun Ice Tinted Workshop can give an opinion on the suitability of tinted installation in a place to the host. Many hosts are unsure of the suitability of tinted film for their home. Therefore Sun Ice Tinted Workshop can give an opinion to the host from past experience.

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Good Quality Tinted Film

Sun Ice Tinted Workshop uses quality tinted film, which is tinted film imported from the USA. Where tinted color of durable film, color does not fade easily, does not easily rise wind bubble and heat resistant.  Quality sun Ice Tinted Workshop has UV filter, UV Ray filter, Infra red filter and Infra blue filter. After installing tinted Sun Ice Tinted Workshop film your home will definitely be cool and no longer glare.

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Best Installer

Installer Sun Ice Tinted Workshop has long experience and team work. The behavior of each installer is highly valued. Each installer is instructed on every step of installing tinted solar film. Every installer is always told every installation must be beautiful if there is a fault must continue to change so that the work looks 100% beautiful.

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Our Services

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Installation Window Tinting

Sun Ice Tinted Workshop offers tinted film installation services for homes, buildings, factories and offices around Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Melaka and Pahang and even throughout Malaysia.

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Installation Sticker

Sun Ice Tinted Workshop also offers sticker installation services. Stickers we offer are such as cutting worlding, inject sticker, oneway sticker, laminate sticker and sticker cutting logo.

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Remove Window Tint Glue

Sun Ice Tinted Workshop offers old tinted discarding services, discarded discarded ones, bubbly tinted ones, discarded tinted discarded ones. After removing the old tinted window glass will remain the old glue needs to be cleaned using chemical.

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Supply Tinted

Sun Ice Tinted Workshop offers wholesale services to end users but not middlemen. We can buy in pieces according to the required size. End user customers do not need to buy 1 roll. End user customers only measure in size in the form of inches and whatsapp to us will calculate the quotation for you.

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Design Frosted Film

Sun Ice Tinted Workshop offers frosted film installation services. In addition to installing full frosted film, Sun Ice is also available for frosted film design and frosted film design. Apart from that, our full frosted is also available for frosted pattern, frosted worlding, frosted cutting line and frosted inject.

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Vertical & Roller Blind

Sun Ice Tinted Workshop also offers vertical blind, roller blind, zibra blind and wood blind installation services. Various patterns and patterns to choose from.

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Ways to Get Free Quotation With Us
Call & Whatssapps

Landlords, contractors and landlords can call or whatssapps us to make an appointment to come and measure the window glass.

Meet & Agree

After making an appointment with us, Sun Ice Tinted Workshop will send the salesman to come measure, show the sample and if you agree to install the tinted film, we set the time for installation time.


After agreeing to the installation, the Sun Ice Tinted Workshop Installer will come to your home to install tinted window glass film.

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