Tinted Home


This type of tinted home is divided into tinted house reflective film, tinted house black film, tinted home

glare film, tinted home safety & security film, and frosted film.

1. The tinted home reflective film, type of tinted home has very high reflectivity characteristics, outsiders

cannot see indoor conditions and have high heat filter feature. Tinted home visible light transmission-20%,

Ultraviolet rejected-99%, Total solar rejected-90%. This type of home tinted reflective film is usually

installed in the office, at home, and in the factory. This is because it has a high heat filter cut, is not too

dark, and has privacy.

2. Home tinted type black tinted film, black tinted type. It is divided into 2 types namely tinted black 1 ply

and 2ply. 1 ply means the tinted coating is just a tinted plastic coating. The typical 1ply black house tinted

type does not have a nice thermal filter cutoff of the total solar energy rejected in just 9%, only color, and

dark. 1ply home tinted types are divided into 5%, 20%, 35% and 50% visible light transmission. Usually, this

type of tinted home is installed in less hot areas.
The 2 ply black house tinted type is tinted made of 2 layers of plastic, the first one is color and plywood

with UV, the second layer is glue plywood and then laminated together into 2ply. The 2ply black home type has

visible light transmission-5%, 20%, 35%, 50% and 60%. Manipulate heat filter cuts between 30%, 45%, 60%, 70%,

80% and 99%. Commonly installed homes, factories, and offices, surpluses, and rooftops.

3. Tinted home glare film is a type of tinted withstand sunlight glare. Regular tinted foreigners can still

look into the house a little during the day. Visible transmission is between 35% -40% only. Total solar energy

declined between 45%, 70%, 80%, and 99%. Usually installed premiss available for walk-in customer business.

Because customers can still see the on-premises and this tinted can also protect their products from damage.

Such as restaurant premises, clothing stores, stationery stores, plastic pot shops, bins, and more.

4. Home-tinted types of safety and security film are tinted resistant. This type of tinted safety and security

film can prevent and hold mirrors from crashing on the floor and injuring people, especially children in the

event of a mirror violation with hard objects. Mirrors are only cracked when they are pushed hard from hard

objects. The types of tinted home safety and security film visible light transmission-5%, 20%, 35%, 50%, and

clear. Safety & security film is divided into 3mil, 4mil, 5mil, 6mil, 7mil, and up to 12mil. The higher the

mileage means the thicker the tinted safety film, the thicker the high burst resistance.

5. The type of tinted frosted film can be divided into the frosted decoration, frosted pattern, frosted inject, and

frosted logo. Frosted movies usually bring blurry or blurry scenes and outsiders cannot see the house or


Frosted patterns and frosted logos are commonly cut using a plotter cutter and what is the pattern,

logo pattern and cut according to the pre-designed file.

The type of frosted inject is the frosted injected pattern and the logo on the frosted film.
The type of frosted film decoration is a frosted pattern already on the frosted surface. Common varieties of

frosted have flora and fauna patterns. Frosted film on the bathroom mirror, kitchen, and office.


Thanks for your dedication to knowing these ‘IMPORTANT’ tips.
Want to enter a new home, mean new one, just got a key there any tips bro?
It’s okay .. Ok, please read and focus on reading, don’t skip a single word.
The house is for sale, the new plaque house. Regardless of the apartment complex, level terrace house, 2 or 3

the story, or Semi-D or bungalow.
Think about installing grill, plaster ceiling design, a new type of fan and lamps, new furniture, kitchen

cabinets, air-cons, lawn, porch, curtains, refrigerator, LED TV 90 ”etc…
In short, the above must be for everyone to think about, day to day surveys, allocate badges and have booked

before getting home from a developer.
But, from my years of experience installing this (new) TINTED house, many have forgotten… yes I forgot to

install TINTED Window and Sliding Door ..
### HOTLINE TINTED SUN ICE TINTED WORKSHOP: http://www.wasap.my/60182572826###
\\ Immediate Installation | CUN PRICE //
Benefits of TINTED Installation (Home):
>> The safety of homeowners is more secure because they cannot be monitored from outside the home. For MUSLIM,

especially women, this is very important .. Would you like to be seen from outside the home ?? Shall we?

>> Air-Cond and fan are quicker to cool the room/room because there is no heat accumulated in the house /

room, thus saving electricity use of the air-cond ..

>> The curtains, furniture, floors, and sofas do not fade in color and physical structure as the heat of the

sun is filtered by the TINTED film

>> Mirrors don’t break easily because, with TINTED, the mirror will be stronger and safer than the minimum


>> Homes and residences will become more attractive and exclusive.

### HOTLINE TINTED SUN ICE TINTED WORKSHOP: http://www.wasap.my/60182572826###
\\ Immediate Installation | CUN PRICE //

Sun Ice 5 Year Warranty Tinted home For Residential, Building, and Commercial
1.Warranty tinted against peeling, cracking, delaminating, bubbling, and demutualization for a period of 5

years after installation
2. Warranty tinted not protected if the product is subject to misuse, improper care, panel loose, poor

grouting, harassing, alteration or repair by unauthorized installers
3. We will not be liable whether in contract or tort for any loss, injury or damage, direct, consequential or

incidental arising out of the use or inability to use window film
4. We also do not guarantee against breakage of glass after the film has been installed
5. Warranty or any part thereof is void where prohibited by law, and our window films are not desirable in any

way except as otherwise limited in warranty and by operation of law.
6. Important:
Do not clean windows for 48 hours after installation.
Do not use ammonia or alcohol-based solution to clean the windows.
Do not clean with abrasive material layer as this can damage the coating.
Do not apply stickers or tape of any kind for coating.

Here are some of the mistakes & mistakes of many people, THEY BACE ..:
“Why don’t you install TINTED before you go home?”
Answer 1: People say TINTED this house is not important, it’s expensive, the aircond is already installed for

what is TINTED?
Answer 2:
People say the house will go dark. Really bang bang ??
The answer is wrong !!
Answer 3:
I don’t know where to find TINTED people

Some of the popular questions that people msg and pm admin can read, please read yer, don’t miss. I’m tired of

the admin type. Hi… ”
Question 1: If my house has a Grill and a Sliding Door, can I install it TINTED?
Answer 1: Kat Sliding Door is ok to install without problems. Only in that window area is difficult to

install, work is slow but installable. Don’t worry ..
Note: Examples for 2-storey Semi-D Homes, install tinted grill does not take 3 hours. However, if you have a

TINTED grill installs it will be 6 ~ 8 hours. There are cases (depending on the type of house) we take up to 2

days because the grill is too beautiful and flowery, to be tinted very carefully.
Question 2: TINTED is there a guarantee no bro?
Answer 2: No bang, we guarantee up to 10 years.

### HOTLINE TINTED EXPRESS: http: //www.wasap.my/60182572826###
\\ Immediate Installation | CUN PRICE //
>> Origin: Made In USA
>> Warantty: Up to 10 years
>> Visible Light Transmittance: 5% ~ 15%
>> Solar Energy Rejection: 35% ~ 90%
>> Ultraviolet Rejection: 100%
>> Infrared Rejection: 95%

>> 100% owned by Bumiputra.
>> Instant delivery and installation.
>> 8 years of experience in the installation and sale of TINTED films for buildings
>> Only the best TINTED films are used and there is a guarantee from the supplier.
>> Clean & fast installation.
>> The prices are very CUN
>> Excellent after-sales service
>> Work 7 days a week

Bro, how do I install TINTED in my house?
Just follow these instructions:
1. Msg or WhatsApp 0182572826
2. Give your name and location of your home.
3. Provide your home type
4. If you have a photo of your home, please send it once.
Team ‘SUN ICE TINTED WORKSHOP’ will reply with speed !!
Nak quotation FREE?
Call us and ask us to come to your house,
Make an appointment early, afraid to let go…
Yes, sir. Uols save no ni; http://www.wasap.my/60182572826in SmartPhone uols.
Name this number as SUN ICE TINTED WORKSHOP.
This call continues ..
Oh, forget no yer. Ok here’s the number:

Enjoy this no ..
See you later.
\\ Immediate Installation | CUN PRICE //
Q: Hello bro, are you TINTED so many colors? I like green, cool…
A: There is a bang .. we have over 100 colors and TINTED type.
Oh ok, bro…
Q: Bang, do you have TINTED kind of frosted? Should I put it in the toilet and the kitchen?
A: No, there are different options ..
$$$ Guaranteed Best Prices, FREE SERVICE +++
Done !!


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